Town Hall





Allow your members, donors, stakeholders or constituents to speak directly with a personality, player, ambassador or leader. Give your audience a unique experience with Tele Reach Town Hall.

Town halls explained

Town Halls are a powerful platform that connects tens or even thousands of people together via telephone in a controlled and engaging environment.

Invite thousands of people to participate in an event which is managed by an expert ‘moderator'. You can open the floor to participant questions that can be pre-screened prior to going live. Once live, the listener can talk directly with the speaker one-on-one.  This live setting establishes an emotional connection giving stakeholders a rare opportunity.

During the Town Hall, moderators and screeners have an interactive website interface providing access to rich features, such as being able to launch in-call surveys or even ask for donations and payments.

Comprehensive reporting and a full call recording are readily available following a Town Hall allowing you to see the overall success of the event along with any survey results, requests for information or donation data.

Who's on the call

  • Host

    The host is the person that everyone came to hear. With the assistance of the moderator, the host does most of the talking including answering questions from the call participants.

  • Moderator

    The gatekeeper who runs the event, introduces hosts and listeners with approved questions and explains to the audience how to ask a question, answer surveys or make donations.

  • Screener

    The screener’s role is to screen participants who would like to ask a question to ensure they are appropriate to achieve your events objectives. Your screeners will also assist with taking any donations or payments during a call.

  • Listener

    Your stakeholders, supporters, donors, fans, members or constituents.



Field questions directly from your audience that can be moderated prior to being asked live.


Capture audience data and increase participation with planned or on-the-fly surveys. 


Accept donations over the phone with full PayPal integration.


Download full audio recording, survey results and listener questions.


All calls originate from inside Australia to ensure the highest quality.


A cost effective and simple per-listener, per-minute billing schedule.


Ask your audience if they would like more information or a follow-up call.

Who can you connect with on a Town Hall?


Votes & Volunteers




Sports club members

Celebrity fans


The community

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