Instant, accurate and tailored research solutions for all markets.


ReachTEL is the pioneer of automated voice broadcast polling in Australia. Having developed the technology and made tens of millions of research calls, we are in the enviable position where our research is more accurate, cost effective and timely than our "last century" competitors.

Clients can choose from a range of polling solutions from single seat dips through to large national survey or group seat tracking polls. Results can be turned around overnight with detailed reporting and advanced analytics.

Our reputation for accuracy speaks for itself with our polling having been featured in some of Australia's most prestigious news outlets:

  • Surveys returned same day or overnight
  • Cost effective - run multiple surveys for the cost of traditional mediums
  • Easy to use - through telephone keypad
  • Multi-tree survey structures available
  • Large sample sizes: n=500 / 1,000 / 2,000
  • Full reporting, including graphical and raw data results
  • Weighted against gender, age and population distribution (ABS data used)
  • Targets can be washed against the ACMA 'Do-Not-Call Register'
  • Average turnaround time is same-day assuming the questions are suitable.

People who rely on us

7news Sunrise Examiner The Sunday Mail The Australian
SMH The Age The Mercury Brisbane Times Crikey


The following is an easy to follow three step process to setup your poll or research survey:


You will initially need to define what type of survey you are running, the sample size required and the calling area. ReachTEL can assist with data where needed.


Send across your list of survey questions, the ReachTEL campaign team will then review and make any necessary suggestions.


Once questions have been finalised ReachTEL will provide you with a draft results document including summary and cross-tab question breakdowns.


Voting intentions

  • If a State election were to be held today, which of the following would receive your first preference vote, if you are undecided to which do you have even a slight leaning?
  • How committed are you to your vote?
  • Which of the following do you think would make the better Premier?
  • If forced to choose between the following two candidates, which would you choose?
  • If forced to choose between the following two parties, which would you choose?

Issues / Opinion Questions

  • Please rate your opinion of Current MP [MP Name], as either Favourable, Neutral, Unfavourable or if you have never heard of this person before.
  • Please rate your opinion of [Opposing Party Name] [Candidate Name], as either Favourable, Neutral, Unfavourable or if you have never heard of this person before.
  • Do you support the introduction of [new policy]
  • Which of the following local issues is most important to you?
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