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Powerful communications solutions to effectively deliver a message to your audience.

Our technology explained

Voice broadcast

Voice Broadcast can deliver a tailored pre-recorded voice message to both landline and mobile telephones at an extremely fast rate and capture instant responses via key presses. ReachTEL can tell with 100% certainty if your message has or has not been received, how long the recipients listened for and if they selected any call-to-action options - no other direct marketing medium can provide the same level of transparency.


Use a ReachTEL in-house voice talent or for added effect have a sports star, staff member or celebrity record the message using our remote recording facility.

The Call

Voicemail detection enables ReachTEL to identify if the call has been answered by a human or an answering machine, and play a different message accordingly.


Send your Voice Broadcast to both mobile and landline telephones. Control your campaign with call pacing, and provide customised callback features.


Allow recipients to interact with your call via key-presses. Recipients can transfer to a call centre, request a callback, leave a message, answer a question or opt out of future messages. Responses can even action an SMS or email.


Unlike direct mail, Voice Broadcast can definitively provide you with the result of each call made. Know if your call was answered by a human, voicemail, rang out, or hit a busy, engaged or disconnected signal.

Marketing Solutions


Deliver a pre-recorded message from a prominent staff member, player, coach or ambassador encouraging your members to renew.


Promote an upcoming event to patrons or the public, and provide an option to book over the phone.


Reactivate old customers with a special promotion or offer.


Remind patrons of an upcoming event.


Deliver competitive offers to your customer using an engaging and emotive medium.


Make your customers feel special with a personalised birthday message.

Engagement Solutions

Staff Comms

Send daily, weekly or monthly messages to your staff.


Ask attendees questions or send updates while at events.

Staff Voting

Get staff feedback about general company changes and even agreement votes.


Confirm appointments, deliver receipts and send notices to customers.


Capture data and engage your audience. Everything from game days to billboards.


Send welcome messages to new customers or thank someone for their participation.

SMS Broadcast

Don't just talk to your audience - engage with them. Our SMS service allows full-circle communication meaning your message recipients can reply and have their response actioned within minutes.


Deliver personalised text messages to your customers.


Send and receive text messages with replies forwarded via email, API or batch reports.


Know if and exactly when your message has reached the customers handset.


Enable customers to reply CALL ME and connect the customer free of charge into your contact centre.


Run a Text-IN competition to capture additional data from your customers or attendees at an event.

SMS Services


Include a range of variables such as names, addresses, account numbers or values into your messages for that personal feel.


SMS recipients can reply to your messages to action a call to their handset, request a call back, answer a question, request more info or opt out. Replies can be sent via a batch report at the end of the day or individually per email.


Allow customers to be connected to your contact centre just by replying CALL ME. ReachTEL will instantly deliver a call the customers handset dropping them seamlessly into your call queue.


Now you and your staff can send SMS messages to your clients and customers straight from your email client. Perfect for large contact centres who need to send ad-hoc messages.


ReachTEL offers two levels of SMS delivery reports. Network reports that advise when the message has been sent and handset delivery reports that let you know the instant your message reaches the recipients mobile phone.

Email Broadcast

Our email solution is fully managed. There are no cumbersome DIY interfaces or customer portals to log into. The ReachTEL campaign team will manage your projects through from conception through to completion.


Our team will design a fresh new email template for you or convert an existing direct mail piece.


Our team will compose your email into an online template including any merge fields to allow for personalisation.


Comprehensive testing of all major email clients to ensure your template displays correctly.


Speedy delivery through our locally based infrastructure. Detailed reporting of open, unsubscribes, bounces and click throughs.

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