Our technology explained

At ReachTEL, our mission for the credit and collections industry is simple: to reduce overheads along with your total arrears. We do this by enhancing your communications strategy with cost effective, engaging solutions that can be implemented almost immediately.

As customers continue to demand more immediate contact with businesses the traditional ‘on hold' contact centre method has become increasingly ineffective. We reduce the dependency on your call centre by providing the ability for customers to self-serve via SMS or Voice, and provide more efficient methods of connecting customers with an operator only when appropriate.

The stats don't lie - we've provided millions of customer interactions and with each passing year this number grows. We offer time-tested solutions combined with the collective wisdom of the industry, and we're on hand 24/7 to give you the answers you need. 

  • Near zero capital expenditure - no contracts, no minimum spend
  • Solutions deployed in hours not weeks or months
  • Customised messaging tailored to reflect your corporate image
  • Significant cost saving due to automation
  • Multiple strategies to handle any stage of the credit life cycle
  • Access to the full suite of contact channels (phone, SMS, email)
  • Comprehensive reporting down to the individual
  • Strict business rules to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Functionality allowing your customers to self serve
  • 24/7 Support Team provides full service as you need it
  • No cumbersome DIY interfaces or staff training required


The ReachTEL Voice Broadcast platform places a call and confirms the right person is on the line prior to connecting to one of your operators. This reduces the time wasted by staff dialling, calling and qualifying, and allows you to more effectively attempt to communicate with hard to reach customers.

When an operator is not required for reminders, overdue or final notices, or general notifications, let ReachTEL deliver a personalised automated voice call to your customers. Customers can interact with these calls using their telephone keypad to do everything from identifying themselves, transferring into a contact centre and even make a payment promise where appropriate.

Here's how we do it

The ReachTEL platform provides a suite of calling solutions from an advanced dialler connecting live answers to your contact centre, through to a fully interactive outbound calling solution employing rich features to better enable your customers to interact with your business.

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SMS Broadcast

We don't just send messages, we deliver messaging solutions.
Our platform provides your customers with the ultimate convenience. By allowing them to communicate with you by responding to your automated and personalised SMS messages, we've developed a comprehensive range of SMS solutions to extract maximum value from every message you send.


Deliver personalised text messages to your customers.


Send and receive text messages with replies forwarded via email, API or batch reports.


Know if and exactly when your message has reached the customers handset.


Enable customers to reply CALL ME and connect the customer free of charge into your contact centre.


Instantly send and receive ad-hoc SMS to customer directly through your email client.


Enable your customers to interact with your business using SMS keywords.


Feature rich and professionally designed email templates to deliver timely communications to your customers.

Convert direct mail

Convert your snail mail into quick and cost effective email communications.

Detailed tracking

Capture email open rates, click throughs and incorrect addresses.

Telephone number validation

Instantly check the connection status of any mobile or landline telephone number.

Wash your data

Periodically remove disconnected numbers from your customer database.

Fraud detection

Use number validation as a fraud indicator.

Custom Web Portal

We understand that Business-2-Business integration can be a long process, particularly when dealing with under-resourced internal departments.

In an effort to speed up the process, ReachTEL has developed a Customised Web Portal solution that combines the full suite of ReachTEL services in one easy-to-navigate location, providing your staff with a quick and convenient platform to send content controlled and compliant ad-hoc communications.

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Payment details, BSB & account numbers, direct debit setup, contact details


Payment default notices, overdue reminders, resend statements, hardship requests

Data Validation

Check number connection, send PIN to handset, validate street address