Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast can deliver a tailored pre-recorded voice message to both landline and mobile telephones at an extremely fast rate and capture instant responses via key presses. ReachTEL can tell with 100% certainty if your message has or has not been received, how long the recipients listened for and if they selected any call-to-action options. No other direct marketing medium can provide the same level of transparency.

How it works

The Call

Voicemail detection enables ReachTEL to identify if the call has been answered by a human or an answering machine, and play a different message accordingly. For added effect, have a sports player, staff member or celebrity record the message.


Send your Voice Broadcast to both fixed and mobile telephones. Pace your campaign to only contact a fixed number of people per hour or day. Present a range of telephone numbers via Caller-IDs - even mobile Caller-IDs.


Allow recipients to interact with your call via key-press. Recipients can transfer into a call centre, request a callback, leave a message, answer a question or opt out of future messages. Responses during a Voice Broadcast can even action another contact mediums such as SMS or email.


Unlike direct mail, Voice Broadcast can definitively provide you with the result of each call made. Know if your call was answered by a human, voicemail, rang out, or hit a busy, engaged or disconnected signal.


You'll only ever be charged if we reach a Live Answer or Voicemail. Calls that ring out, hit a busy, engaged or disconnected signal incur no cost.

Voice Solutions

Credit & Collections

Reduce staff and arrears; ReachTEL solutions allow you to do more with less.

As customers continue to demand more immediate contact with businesses the traditional 'on hold' contact centre method has become increasingly ineffective. We reduce the dependency on your call centre by providing the ability for customers to self-serve via Voice or SMS, and provide more efficient methods of connecting customers with an operator only when appropriate.

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Marketing & Engagement

Powerful communications solutions to effectively deliver your message to your audience.

We have developed a number of cost effective communications solutions that allow you to engage with your audience with a moment's notice. Whether it's a pre-recorded telephone call from a familiar voice, a personalised SMS or an immersive email, our marketing and promotions solutions allow you to reach out in a matter of minutes - at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Instant, accurate and expertly tailored polling and research solutions for any purpose.

The ReachTEL Voice Broadcast platform has the ability to turnaround a national survey in hours, not days or weeks - and for much less than traditional survey mediums. With our advanced mapping system you can choose to run your poll in a suburb, post code, electorate, region, ward, LGA, state or across the nation.

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Number Validation

Instantly check the connection status of any landline or mobile telephone number.

ReachTEL Telephone Number Validation is a simple yet highly effective service that verifies the connection status of any landline or mobile telephone number across Australia and New Zealand. Whether you're cleansing your data list for invalid numbers or live checking customer details during a sign up process this service has a variety of applications.

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Voice Broadcast Demo

The best way for us to demonstrate our technology is for you to actually experience it.
Answer the call as you usually would as our system detects if you're a real person. Give it a whirl!

Text BRONCOS to 0419 227 067

Membership Renewal

Darren Lockyer from the Brisbane Broncos drums up support for the 2011 NRL Season.

Text DEBT to 0419 227 067

Consumer Debt Collection

Here's a simple demonstration of the integration between our Voice and SMS channels.

Text STAFF to 0419 227 067

Staff message from the CEO

Bank Of Queensland CEO David Liddy contacts staff about an upcoming event.