SMS Broadcast

ReachTEL has developed a unique technology platform that provides both 1-Way and 2-Way SMS services, plus innovative solutions to enable you to better communicate with your customers and staff.




Deliver powerful 1-Way SMS campaigns. The message can be delivered from a mobile number or an alpha code. Eg- 'ReachTEL'.



Allow recipients to reply to your messages to confirm appointments, register interest, opt out, request a call or update their contact information.


Enable customers to send SMS to your business for competitions or promotions.

SMS Services


Include a range of variables such as names, addresses, account numbers or values into your messages for that personal feel.


SMS recipients can reply to your messages to action a call to their handset, request a call back, answer a question, request more info or opt out. Replies can be sent via a batch report at the end of the day or individually per email.


Allow customers to be connected to your contact centre just by replying CALL ME. ReachTEL will instantly deliver a call the customers handset dropping them seamlessly into your call queue.


Now you and your staff can send SMS messages to your clients and customers straight from your email client. Perfect for large contact centres that need to send ad-hoc messages.


ReachTEL offers two levels of SMS delivery reports. Network reports that advise when the message has been sent and handset delivery reports that let you know the instant your message reaches the recipient's mobile phone.

SMS Solutions

Credit & Collections

Reduce staff and arrears; ReachTEL solutions allow you to do more with less.

As customers continue to demand more immediate contact with businesses the traditional 'on hold' contact centre method has become increasingly ineffective. We reduce the dependency on your call centre by providing the ability for customers to self-serve via Voice or SMS, and provide more efficient methods of connecting customers with an operator only when appropriate.

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Marketing & Engagement

Powerful communications solutions to effectively deliver your message to your audience.

We have developed a number of cost effective communications solutions that allow you to engage with your audience with a moment's notice. Whether it's a pre-recorded telephone call from a familiar voice, a personalised SMS or an immersive email, our marketing and promotions solutions allow you to reach out in a matter of minutes - at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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If you're interested in finding out more about our SMS service offerings and how we can help your business / organisation further information is available in our Demo and API sections - or simply get in touch via our enquiry form and we'll assist you in getting the ball rolling.