Our reporting is completely automated with reports being sent at the conclusion of each campaign. Ad-hoc reporting can also be set up to send updated information at regular intervals. End of day, week or month cumulative reporting is also available.

Reports can be emailed to multiple contacts and can also be encrypted to ensure complete privacy.

Our flexible reporting engine can structure data in a number of formats making it easy to import our results files into nearly any system.

Here's a small sample of the metrics we collect, measure and report on:


Call duration including ring time and call duration

Live answer or answering machine detection

Interactive button press options

Call centre transfer outcome - time to answer, operator time, hold time

Call outcome - answer, ring out, ring busy, disconnected

Regulatory opt outs
(Do Not Call Register Act compliance)


Send receipt

Handset delivery receipt with time stamp

Disconnected number notification

Customer initiated messages and replies

Regulatory unsubscribe
(SPAM Act compliance)


Email open tracking

Link click through

Track hard bounces (permanent errors such as invalid address) and soft bounces (mailbox full)

Regulatory unsubscribe (SPAM Act compliance)