We understand that new technologies can sometimes seem confusing and that the best way to understand something is to actually experience it.

That's why we have put together a selection of calls on a voice broadcast demonstration line so our customers can listen to and experience exactly how a call may operate.

To access the demonstration, you simply SMS a code word from below to our inbound SMS line 0419 227 067.


Answer the call as you usually would - with a greeting. Our system uses sophisticated technology to determine if the call has been answered by an answering machine or a live person.

Give it a whirl. We welcome your feedback.


Text COLLINGWOOD to 0419 227 067

Member renewal

Collingwood ruckman Darren Jolly calls members who are yet to renew looking to get them back on board for 2011. This campaign featured a live answer message, and a different message if we hit a member's voicemail service.

Text BRONCOS to 0419 227 067

Member renewal

Darren Lockyer from the Brisbane Broncos drums up support for the 2011 NRL Season.

Text GWS to 0419 227 067

Team song release

New AFL club The Greater Western Sydney Giants were releasing their new team song and wanted their members to hear it first.

Text LIONS to 0419 227 067

Membership renewal

Jonathan Brown from the Brisbane Lions with a special 2011 season member offer.

Text DEMONS to 0419 227 067

Game Day Promotion

Jim Stynes from the Melbourne Demons.

Text SPONSOR to 0419 227 067

Sponsor message

James Horwill from the Queensland Reds sends a special message to staff of major sponsor St George Bank.


Text ELECTION to 0419 227 067

Political Poll - NSW Election

Text GAMING to 0419 227 067

Political Poll - Federal Gaming Legislation

Text COMMUNITY to 0419 227 067

Industry Survey - Community Clubs

Text MEMBER to 0419 227 067

Member Survey

Text SATISFACTION to 0419 227 067

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Text PRODUCT to 0419 227 067

Product Awareness Survey

Text ADVERT to 0419 227 067

Advertising Awareness Survey

Text SUPERMARKET to 0419 227 067

Supermarket Visit Survey


Text CALLME to 0419 227 067


Here's a simple demonstration of the integration between our Voice and SMS channels. Our SMS-2-Call service allows your customers to connect to your call centre for the cost of a single text message.

Text STAFF to 0419 227 067

Staff communication: BOQ

Bank Of Queensland CEO contacts staff about an upcoming event.

Text DEBT to 0419 227 067

Consumer debt collection

Text UTILITY to 0419 227 067

Utility outage notification

Text UNIONMEETING to 0419 227 067

Union meeting notice

Text DEBIT to 0419 227 067

Direct debit update